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Introduction to Eberron.

The campaign is set in the world of Eberron. As such any history or systems published about Eberron will probably be relevant unless a house rule specifically mentions it’s not. I could attempt to summarise the setting here but I think some other people have done a mighty fine job already so I’ll drop in some links to their pages.

A great comprehensive Intro

Main Pages.

Content within this wiki is aimed mainly to serve as information specifically for the campaign. the organisation of these will be done with tags, eventually.

Areas Places Establishments Residents
Q’Barra Ghostwater The Thirsty Dog List of all Characters
Endworld Mountains Ka’rhashan Grand Central Hotel Dragonborn
Blade Desert Whitecliff - Lizardfolk
- Newthrone - Kobolds


    Refer to the Adventure log for session info. I’ll post a teaser for each session and people can post logs of the session after.


    In general all role-playing games systems are the same, in that they facilitate certain actions and bring the realms of chance into the game. Role-playing can be done in a systemless environment which has been my general preference but I’m slowly getting used to the idea of dice rolls… and enjoying them :) So generally I’m not overly keen on enforcing the rules of the D&D game system, but they are required. ;)

PC Generation
Information on generating a PC
XP awards system and other related info
House Rules
Details of house rules
Session times and info
I will facilitate session times and people coming via the West Midlands roleplaying group when things get going

Main Page

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