The Travellers

Great One

I have good news to report. The group of travellers that I have been observing as they blundered through the jungle like children have slain the demon-swarm. I’m afraid to say I have lost them now, they disappeared within the ancient building where they fought the creature. But no matter where they are gone to the demon spawn is dead.

As I told you in my last sending I have been watching these travellers for some time. How they ended up so deep in the jungle with so little understanding of how to survive here I will never understand. I’m surprised that they have survived so long, though it appears that the eladrin among them had some limited ability to find food. They have a strange orange root vegetable the likes of which I have never seen, but which no matter how much they ate of it, yet it remained. Without that I fear the half-orc may well have killed and eaten one of the others he growled and cursed at them so much. They also clearly hold great reverence for boars and pigs as all this time they kept with them a sow, yet they never slaughtered and ate it. I have seen the town they come from but had not been close enough to observe this reverence of pigs before. It is most perplexing.

Still I managed to subtly lead them to the stream that I knew would take them to where the demon-swarm was. As luck would have it we arrived when the abomination was in the middle of some arcane ritual, the purpose of which I do not wish to consider. They promptly attacked and drove back the corrupted lizards and frogs and the demon-swarm itself. They then proceeded along the never ending stream of mud into the heart of the demon-swarm’s lair. I admit that for a moment I feared to follow them, but when the sounds of battle rose from the mists I crept forward.

The mud was vile. As you know I am not as particular as some about keeping my fur spotlessly clean, but this mud was different. It oozed between my pads in a most unpleasant manner. I found myself picking my way forward carefully. But the battle that emerged from the mists was worth it. The travellers seemed to be having great difficulty wading around in the swamp and the demonic lizard creatures were able to dance around them with great ease. But once they managed to engage one of them in battle it was quickly over. Even the great wasps that the demon-swarm had conjured from the abyss were easily dispatched.

I was momentarily side tracked when all the severed hands that had been casually strewn about the swamp burst to life, some other manifestation of the swarm’s power no doubt. By the time I could look back to the battle I saw that once again they had engaged the swarm, and once again it fled from them, down into its muddy lair. They didn’t hesitate more than a moment, tearing open the entrance and plunging into the darkness.

By the time I made it to the platform the sounds of battle had started up again. I could see almost nothing down there when I looked, but was about to shift forms and follow them down when I was beset by more of the demonic severed hands. They were no real threat to me, but it took a few moments to dispatch them all. By the time I was finished the sounds of battle below had quieted. For a moment I feared the worst – that they had been slain and that the swarm would emerge. Alone I would have no chance against it. But then I heard voices and I could breathe again as I recognised the travellers.

At that moment I wanted to approach them, to thank them for their aid in ridding this jungle of the swarm. But I remembered your words of warning – these folk do no like our kind, viewing us as savages, little more than beasts. And so I hesitated, and then I withdrew as far as the nearest tree that would support me. I sat there for almost an hour waiting for them to emerge to see where they would go next, and if possible to guide them back toward their town if I could do so without revealing myself. But they never appeared. Eventually I crept forward again, and when I heard nothing I ventured into that loathsome hole. I found nothing but the bodies of corrupted lizards and vast numbers of dead flies. Of the travellers there was no sign, the mud hadn’t even left enough tracks to show me what had happened down there.

The other good thing is that the constant flow of mud has stopped. I found a mystic staff that I suspect has something to do with it. I have buried it in the swamp some distance from the swarm’s lair. I do not think I was observed while doing so, but if there is another swarm then I have no way of knowing if that is so. The next time you come this way I will take you to it and maybe you can guide me on what must be done.

Other than that there is little to tell of. I will continue to watch over the jungle here until I hear otherwise from you. And I will watch out for those travellers again, I feel they may yet be more adventures for them in these parts.

Best wishes to you and your mate, may your pack be strong and may she bear you many litters.



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