The Collectors

Next session November 21st

Look at that!… every, god damn day, now more. Drink!”
Nafez downed a shot with Del as they stood on the first floor balcony of the Thirsty dog watching a new wagon train pull into town and fresh faced prospectors set about the muddy main thoroughfare.
“And tonight‘ll be another lucrative evening for aficionados of the little piece of Ghostwater we call the Dog. Well aint this glory o modern enterprise and affectation!
Huh? Del mumbled.
Nafez continued. Those circus freaks did just as what our lovely lady said they would… Shard rush Del. This is shard rush. And my fine furred friend we are right there on top. Riding the want of capitalisation to deliver whatever the wretched valued customers wish to warrant their coin on.
Huh? Del mumbled again.
“Nevermind Del… get down to the bar, it’s going to be a busy night.”

In a small and simple room of two high backed leather chairs and a single bookcase sit two human figures with smooth skin, sharp angular features. They are dressed in plain robes and stare are each other, lips unmoving.

With the Riedra dominating New-Throne you are taking quite a gamble to operate out of Q’barra Delphi, regardless of the physical distance you choose from the capital. You should reconsider this, the prophecy has many interpretations…
Yes but as I have mentioned if we do not act then the events may well unfold to the advantage of our enemies. It would be better for us to have some influence in the area. I cannot express to you how important I feel this mission is.
Very well then, you may use the distortion portal. But when you return take one of the soul-knifes with you now, someone you trust. And please take care.
Of course. Thank you father.



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