Requiescat In Pace

Martha the homing battle-pig
An Obituary

Today I am sad to report that Martha, a brave homing battle-pig that once belonged to Breadloaf of Ghostwater has been lost in inter-dimensional space and must be presumed dead.

Martha, who was resident of Ghostwater until she accompanied the expedition sent out to recover dragonshards from the Kobolds, leaves a rich legacy in porcine folklore. On the day she died, she easily dispatched an animated claw and a bullywug; to add to the list of kobolds she had previously fell.

Martha was much loved by her keepers Ptorus and Red, and will be sorely missed (especially by Brok, who was looking forwards to eating bacon).

Martha, may you rest in peace.


Eternal rashers grant unto them, O Lord:
and let the grill light shine upon them.
Ham shall be smokified in everlasting memory,
and shall not fear apple sauce.

Requiescat In Pace

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