Protecting the Peace

Dear Blanco

I am sorry for the length of time between missives, but life has continued apace and I’ve barely had time to put quill to parchment.

It’s all been a bit weird in Ghostwater. We scared off a cloaker that had been planted in the town by the demon bitch, but in doing so we’ve allowed Trejib to come out of hiding. Did he thank us? Did he buggery, he grassed us up straight to that bitch Mishva and her stormborn crew. It seems that there is a schism amongst the dragonborn, and the flamebrow have been trying to keep the Mishva mob in check. I have a feeling we’ve upset the balance, but our concern was for Ghostwater, and not some stupid Dragonborn prophecy.

Brok managed to convince the Silver Flame missionary to get the hell out of town, but even so Tulip, our ranger halfling had to go back and disarm a bomb that was under his cart. It appears that a bunch of hobgoblins took offence to the proselytising of the Silver Flame, and they tried to off their exorcist. Again, we have no love for the Silver Flame or the hobgoblins; our action was to protect the town and to ensure that it wasn’t swarmed under by a bunch of Silver Flame types looking for revenge.

But this isn’t the worst of it. As we went after the hobgoblins (using our handily stolen airship), we found out that they’re creating warforged, to serve them and they’re purpose. Blanco, I won’t stand for it; we’re not tools to serve anyone and if the warforged there won’t listen to reason, then I will have to de-comission them, as much as it hurts me. I’ve not told the others yet, but once we’ve cleared down the area, I’m going to destroy the eldritch machine with one of these nice bombs that Hazzrack gave me. I’ve picked up the glaive he sold to the hobgoblins to take back for him; I’m hoping if I give it back he’ll help equip us further in the fight against anything that disrupts the peace in Ghostwater.

Hoping this missive finds you in good working order.




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