A list of things pissing me off:

1) Breathers. If it’s not stopping to eat something, it’s stopping to drink something. And then they get ill from it. Holding us up all the time, I just want to get home.

2) That whiny human Kalle. I’m technically a eunuch and I’ve got more balls than that spineless lump of shit. Quit hiding behind me, get your razors out and help us kill these bloody fly things.

3) The tiefling. There is definitely something shady about him, something I know of and I can’t place it. I can’t trust it, and I’m watching my back.

4) That half-orc, half-dwarf (or so he looks) abomination Brok. Sneering at me, demanding I fight – yet it’s me who has saved his arse not once, but twice. I swear to the Traveler if he doesn’t treat me with the right respect, next time I’ll leave him to die.



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