The smell from beneath the trapdoor was terrible. Or so I was told, I couldn’t really tell. I was too busy marvelling at the sword I’d been given – it fit my arm with a click. The holy symbol felt right as well.

When Kalle threw the sunrod into the hole, the depth was a little scary. It’s alright for these scrawny types, I’m not built for climbing. They tied a rope around me, and told me to belay them down, one by one. The scrawny human went first, and then the tiefling. Brok went last before me, and I swear he uttered something about pigs as he went past – maybe he wondered where Ziggy had got to?

When Brok signalled me to haul the rope up, I had a moment of panic. Who was going to belay me down? The solution came with one of those flashes I keep getting – the heavy coffin would be enough weight to allow me to rappel down the hole.

It was horrible at the bottom. There was a bunch of dragonshards in a corner, surrounded by bones and eggs. And flies. So many flies. Kalle started yanking the levers that stuck up out of the floor, and when that didn’t do anything he picked up an egg. I barely had time to move when he threw it at me; it hit the wall behind me with a crunch, and this horrible baby fly/kobold hybrid thing crawled out from the crunched eggshell. I did the only thing I could do – I stepped on it.

Brok heard noises from tunnels coming into the dungeon, and we took up battle stances, taking one tunnel each. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by these horrible little kobolds, and so were the rest of the group. I kept slugging and slugging away, trying to kill the hybrids around me and keep myself on my feet; Kalle went down and I had to revive him myself to bring him back from the brink. The flies all formed together to make a humanoid in the room, and no matter how hard we hit it, it wouldn’t go down.

One of the hybrids tried to make a break for it, and as he climbed the rope I’d left there was a loud noise, and then a splat as Ptorus landed on him, having fallen down the hole.

Ptorus aided us, but it looked like we were done for, and everyone was really hurt; and then I remembered my holy water. I threw it at the evil looking lich thing, and it went down hissing; I turned and swiped at a hybrid and that went down in a crunch of steel – and before I knew it, there was just the five of us standing there.

I looked at Brok, and dared him once more to say I’d leave the fighting for everyone else.


Almajir – nice post, like it… and thanks for the summary of how it happened. So more hybrids and some sort of undead thing I take it… glad to have made it out alive then.

Brok’s lip curled into a sneer… he couldn’t help it… but one thing was for sure Red could fight and had stood his ground… and that holy water clearly did the trick… that was worth some respect at least… OK well nod politely to him… just don’t ask me to drink with him…. Breland monstrosity…


Treasure for the entire party has been compiled.. I’ve made some adjustments for items bought. This will be gospel now :)


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