A crumpled and mud-caked letter

Dear Saul Lightman,

Hope you’re doing well Saul. I said I’d get in touch when I could. Been a while though. You should have got that promotion you were hoping for. Bet you’re running the whole Lightning Rail R&D department by now! Anyway, I owe you a hell of a lot now pal! Saved my skin getting me out of Passage.

Well like I say I think I got away safe now. Maybe they’ve given up tracking me down. Can only hope I guess. But I’ve landed myself in another fine mess right here though. I’m sat on a soggy rock in a dank, muddy cave writing this on my knee, so sorry if you can’t read a thing. I’ve been stumbling through a jungle with this lot for longer than I’d ever care for. We’re all tired and angry, and now completely dirty too. There’s a lot of cross-bred fly-creature thingies around this place, and Brok the half-orc beast has been getting more ratty each time we seem to catch up to this nasty sort of lizard-fly thing, honestly, he’s pretty damn scary that Brok. Three times it’s happened, and each time the Big three; the orc, the cow, and the Tin-man beat on it until it flies away. The wizard though, Arannis, he’s not half bad shooting freezingness all over the place. Kos, the black fella with the big horns, he’s like the complete opposite of the chilly wizard. Every now and then he points that finger of his and there’s like a hint of fire, but that’s about it. He might get it right sometime soon.

Well now, we climbed down this god-forsaken pit in a swamp only to find the damn lizard-made-of-flies thing that got away again only a few minutes before. Was a close fight that one too. Old Brok had the thing in a pretty eye-watering grip but it still up and flew away leaving us all squelching about knee deep in the stinky muddy swamp and me and the ice-cool eladrin spewing up after catching a couple dirty lizard darts in the neck. I had a right game trying to chase one of them crossbred lizard-flies through that swamp and I haven’t even mentioned the giant wasps or the creepy, moving, chopped off hands that started attacking us for no damn good reason. And then we had to go climb down this filthy hole. Once down here that fly-lizard swarm, and its little bodyguard lizardies were finished, but not before it knocked the half orc on his ass, and I swear I saw a couple scraps fall off Big Red too, but that didn’t stop him squishing most all of the flies. And he even picked up a little Bullywug follower that I thought we’d already scared off into a hole somewhere. Actually forget that. I just looked around and noticed Martha, that’s the useless homing Pig we got here with us – she’s gnawing on what I’m pretty sure used to be that Bullywug.

And looking around has reminded me why I decided to come over here and write this – the others are arguing over some stupid stick in the mud. A magic portal apparently. There’s mud pouring out of the thing and some idiot suggested opening it up more. They want to go swimming through a mud filled portal to god knows where! Martha might be right at home in there, and probably Ptorus too, but I told them straight; I ain’t going through that thing no matter what! No way, no how
Oh shit They gone in – got tgo – Kal



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