PC Generation

Eberron draws on pulp adventure for inspiration. In pulp tales, the heroes are remarkable people with skills and abilities that set them apart from the common populace. Eberron attempts to replicate this flavor. In Eberron, an 20th-level character is the stuff of legends. If player characters reach this level of power, they will be among the greatest heroes in the world. There have been heroes with such power in the past, but most have fallen to the passage of time or passed away in the long war. The player characters have the potential to be the heroes of this age, and should the threat of Xoriat return or the Dreaming Dark finally make its move, the party may be the force that kings look to for aid.

Please follow the below points when generating characters. I’ll generate some sample characters in the coming weeks.

  • 4th Ed D&D start with 1st level characters.
  • Standard stat point buy from the books. Start with 200gp
  • Almost anything from most of the published core rulebooks is fine. Not Dragon magazines, no forgotten realms, no modules.
  • Goliaths, Shifters and Wilden could face instant and open hostilities so ‘animal’ type races should be considered carefully. Dragonborn are more than welcome, mostly :P
  • Any character built will have to, for some reason, have the survival of the town in their interests.
  • Please download and use the DDi Character Generator and post all stats on the OB character page
  • Or alternatively the generator called Broadsword by redeye looks promissing
  • Some kind of background story should also be posted. I will ask questions on the hows and whys of characters as required. Please answer them in the Bio section on the character page

See here for some background on generation with the previous ruleset. You’ll probably need to look at the Players Guide for Eberron to flesh out the character properly.
Also see this stuff on the war for some more background to consider.

PC Generation

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