House Rules

In general of the rules published will be applicable. This will include anything in Dragon Magazines and various other things I might find. There is two golden rules of applying any system to the game, those being:

  1. Anything in the official rulesets that unbalances the game enough to encroach on the games enjoyment by other players will be modified or removed.
  2. Anything in the game that gives the GM an unreasonably hard time when used will be modified or removed.

Additional Rulings

Lingering Wounds

To make the world a little more deadly interesting An additional ruleset will be trialled for the first few sessions that details effects of taking heavy wounds. Further details on Lingering Wounds

Skill challanges

To give skills a bit more of an impact in the game I’ll make available more possibilities for them to be used. See Skill Challanges

Action Points and Whimsies

I’ve forgotten about milestone rules so the below will be trialled as a replacement.

Next session players start with an additional Action Point and an additional whimsy for any contribution to any page of a decent length or posting an adventure log. Also one additional AP for any amount of in character commentary to an existing log/s will be given, mind the IC (in character) knowledge there as well.
Max = 4 AP/4 Whimsies at next session start and they will generally not be refresh during the session. Unless in game actions wantant their use.
During any encounter only one AP and/or Whimsy can be used by a player. An encounter can be combat or a skill challenge or any time outside of these events to influence something.

This process is simply to encourage development of characters and expanding the information we have in this corner of the world off-session. It also saves me the trouble of remembering more rules.
Players will always start with at least 1 action point and 1 whimsy.



Some FAQ on the rules



Thats about it… due to the game not going very far just yet there isn’t really a need for house rules apart from those used for PC Generation.

House Rules

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