Ghostwater is a small mining camp-town sitting near the middle of the Endworld Mountains on the Q’Barra side. Established around 4 years ago in the last three years since the end of the war it’s growth has surged. Ghostwater gets it’s name from the small lake nearby Ghostlake that many claim is haunted. The town has around 30 buildings housing various businesses such as Inns & Taverns, a Bank, Brothels, Shops, Armours, Stables and a Temple. There are a few personal residences however tents house most of the populous. The population is mostly made up of QBarra immigrants. The countries native Dragonborn and other reptilian inhabitants make up most of the rest of the towns demographics
    Gold mining in the surrounding Black Hills is the camps main income and many travel there in hopes of finding their fortune in the streams and surrounding hills. Many also regularly lose their new found fortune in the camp as there are various and varied opportunities for individuals to find themselves fleeced of their earnings. Or they may simply find themselves the victim of crime that is frequently committed in the camp. However although crime is rife there is an unspoken system of maintaining it to ‘respectable’ levels. Thieves are severely punished by almost all the populous and violent types of crime must usually be justified. The Tavern owners are the ones that most vehemently police these ‘rules’ and as a result are the ones that are generally outside of them. This situation is due to the absence of an enforced local authority and is not expected to change for some time as the Stormborn Dragonborn that serve as the camps authority simply wish to collect mining licence fees and taxes and protect the town from outside threats. So long as the payments continue they will not interrupt the towns operation and concentrate their efforts to defend the town from any outside treats such as Lizardfolk that have strayed too far from home or the occasional Giant or Goliath. To aid in identifying threats to the camp the Stormborn insist on travellers outside of the main trade routes purchase of Travel Documents. Anyone can travel the main trade routes at any time but may be subject to inspections.
Recently rumours have spread of miners being issued documents allowing travel East over the hills in search of Dragon Shards however none have returned to confirm their existence. Some claim that Kobold tribes are to blame for these disappearances.

Notable Inhabitants     In no particular order

Captain Trejib
‘Local Authority’
Nafez Verstaadt
Owner of The Thirsty Dog
Arms dealer
Brother Wallace
Spiritual Guidance
Delphi d’Deneith

Notable Establishments     In no particular order

The Thirsty Dog The Bank Grand Central Hotel Armourer Hazzack The Generals Supplies
Barracks and storeyards The Carvery Madam Tavya’s Crock o’Gold Inn


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