Tag: Pre-Gen


  • Arkri

    _No Pre built history for this one. Note there is a Kenku Flock in Ghostwater. Why this character stands out from the flock is up to the player_

    Some Kenku Background
    Magic is an essential part of life the Kenku, both culturally and …

  • Red

    _whisper the name of the enemy in mind_
    A veteran of the last war that has lost his way after the war and is seeking some form of guidance. He currently lives in a small room inside [[:brother-wallace | Brother Wallace's]] [[Chapel]] and is often …

  • Ziggy

    _*Currently MIA*_ Ziggy is fascinated with history and the arcane. Sadly he has no long term goal in mind, but floats from job to job and place to place enamored with the wonders around him. For Ziggy life is about adventure and nothing speaks to him …