At the heart of it all
You gotta trust someone...

All around Khorvaire reports are placed on desks marked with the highest priority. They detail recent events in Q’Barra and list items such as vast numbers of troops arriving from Salona in New Throne, Dragons from Argonnessen and dragonkin beginning to attack settlements in New Hope, Valenar elves massing warbands on the Q’Barran border and Gatekeeper Druids being called together to attempt a ritual which has not been performed for well over a thousand years… all of which administration assistants find trouble to prioritise as causing the most concern.

The mysery of Chess-D&Ding

It’s true, thinking can make my head hurt. Right now requires a lot of thinking though.

Mishva wants to shut down this damned factory. The Silver Flame want this factory shut down. Apparently Tavya wants it for her own means. We’re caught up in a war between lizardfolk and humans; dragons and zealots – all over this stinking jungle.

I’m not a lizard, I’m not a dragon and I’m certainly no damned human. These wars don’t concern me, and I’m tired of being a pawn pushed around to fight someone else’s wars. I’ve become powerful, more powerful than any of the warforged I ever fought with and this holy power means only one thing.

If I’m going to fight a war, it’s going to be on my terms, for my reasons, for my benefit. If this factory is going to work for anyone, it’s going to be me – well the half orc, the whiny human and that excuse for a tiefling too, they’ve earnt their spurs. It’s time to throw off the shackles of the oppressors and become figures of power ourselves – we may have been pawns but pawns can be promoted.

The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn...
Dear Nimbleweed and Ellykins Gulnackle,

I am pretty damn worn out right now! We’ve been down in the bowels of this horrible factory for longer than I’d care to be. And to make the whole thing worse, some Elf has popped up telling us the factory needs shutting down or the world’ll end! Seems a bit overdramatic to me, but right now he’s mucking about with the big machine, turning it off. Taking his time though. You’d have thought it’d have a big red button marked ‘off’, but I guess not. Oh, and this Elf guy is also apparently Rei’s lost mate, what she was looking for earlier, but when I first saw him it seemed they’d had a bit of a kerfuffle while I was gone. See we was planning on getting a bit of shut eye before the Elf dropped by and Brok said we needed to be in this power room. Best place to defend he reckoned, but I pointed out that there were lots of beds back upstairs and he finally agreed to let me go and get a mattress if I brought back two of them. Well! I had to summon all my bravery. When I’d climbed back up to the barracks room and stuffed the two cleanest, well, the least stained mattresses I could find down the trapdoor I heard footsteps coming down the corridor. The mattresses were a tight fit and they weren’t going down quick so I dived under the nearest bed and watched as four sets of Hobgoblin feet walked in towards the trapdoor. I whipped out the clockwork bomb I’d got off Big Bed and set it for a short timer, no more than a few seconds. I placed the thing down under the bed, jumped out from under it and launched myself into the open trapdoor hoping my weight’d be enough to force the mattresses through. It was, but they’re not as soft as I hoped cause it damn well hurt when I hit the bottom! I dragged the mattresses as quick as I could past the acid pool before the surviving hobgoblins came down after me. Halfway Brok shouted for me to stop. I did, and turned to see a big metallic snake staring at me, and that strange Elf with Brok and Rei, and Kos and Red over the other side eyeing up a familiar looking couple of metal dragon things. I tried to explain about the Hobgobs coming and Brok told the Elf I was with him, but the following Hobgoblins definitely weren’t. Rei’s Elf mate ordered the dragons to kill off the Hobgobs, which they did very well. Don’t know what they’d been up to before I came down but to make up for it the Elf charged one of the dragons with Rei’s safety! That’s just not fair. Why don’t I get my own metal dragon servant!?

After all the crap we’ve been through I deserve a metal dragon. I mean when we first were in this power room we had a right game when a Hobgoblin stepped in asking what we was all doing here before legging it. Rei and Kos were examining the machine again to find some important looking parts. They found some, so I detached a fuse they’d pointed out and pocketed the thing. The lights all up the top half of the machine flickered out then. Red and Brok were doing the whole ‘guard the door’ thing, but it sounded like it was pulled open a crack. I looked around just in time to see Red boot it open smashing a poor hobgoblin behind it as it swung full. There were others though, out past Red and Brok. But them two just beat on anything as they came. Rei managed to shoot a Bugbear in the leg making him tumble through the door at Brok’s feet. Not the best place to be as Brok ground him further into the floor with that magic ever-changing weapon of his. Looked like a maul when it came down on the Bugbear. Kos stepped up too and blasted his wand through the doorway, then, I guess cause he wanted a better view, decided to hop up on top of the Bugbear lying splayed out in front of Brok. He must have liked the view from up there cause he blasted off a couple more shots with his wand. I stepped up next to Rei to have a shot though the doorway too when the Bugbear threw Kos off of him and right over Brok’s head coming crashing down next to me and Rei! I helped him up, looking all shaken after his flight, but his horns felt a bit wobbly and all rubbery. I’m beginning to wonder if after all this time Kos is putting up a ruse. Maybe he’s a fake Tiefling!? Also, there was whispering coming from his backpack, so I tried to reach in and see, but Kos stopped me, and reached in his self and pulled out that black leather armour he’d picked up way back when. That was definitely what was whispering in me head, but Kos went about putting in on before I could grab it. I thought that was a bit selfish of him, but when it came alive with hundreds of eyes I didn’t really want it no more. Looks more than a little disgusting, but then again, it kind of suits him. Well meanwhile I think the Bugbear had been knocked three ways till next Sunday by Red and Brok so they’d tied him up and dumped him in the corner of the room. Oh, I just looked round. He’s still there! I think a couple of the other Hobgoblins ran off too, but this Bugbear ain’t going nowhere. Brok and Red did a whole ‘Bad-cop, worse-cop’ interrogation on it with Rei translating for them. Apparently it said there was an even bigger machine elsewhere, and much more Hobgoblins and Bugbears than it could count waiting for us through the double doors we’d passed. Don’t think Red much cared though cause he unceremoniously killed the tied up Bugbear in cold blood! I ought to try harder not to wind Big Red up too much.

I rigged up that clockwork bomb off Red to the double doors before we went through the other single one in the other wall. We ended up on the same raised platform as through the double doors, just around the corner some. Brok went right and Red went left following Brok’s tactics idea of controlling the ladders down. I followed Brok and Kos followed Red, and Rei stood at the corner, right in the middle with her bow. That factory room was all full of thick steam, and it was damn hard to see far. Could just make out figures in the distance, but they soon got all close up. There was a couple of big brutish looking Bugbears, a bunch of Hobgoblins working away at factory stuff, and two magic slinging Hobgoblins. They was the two that ran off before. Brok beat on one of the Brutes who was up on the walkway with us, but he swung away on a dangling chain. A few Hobgoblins climbed up the ladder behind us and started trying to land some hurt on me so I jumped up on a chain too and swung away, but I came to a stop hanging ten feet above the floor below in the middle of the room with one of them caster buggers right below. She missed with a bolt of lightning so I dropped down, and took a quick shot at her before dashing around some big noisy machine to hide. Maybe should have aimed a bit better cause I accidentally killed a Hobgoblin next to her, but oh well. When I looked back up to Brok on the walkway above Rei had somehow managed to get on the otherside of him. She shouted something down at me and pointed back past Brok and the Brute he was slugging it out with, before teleporting me over up there. Made me feel all funny inside and before I knew what was going on the second big brute was up behind me. He gave me a right whack, smashing me against the railing! He brought his arm round for another go at it so I rolled over the railing just to get away, but I landed hard on my back. I figured old Brok’d be fine up there with the two of them. It was about then that Red came barrelling back around the corner on the raised walkway with Kos just behind. Don’t know what they thought they’d been getting up to round there! Seeing Big Red, the brute who’d knocked me about went for the Warforged. There was a flash and an explosion of sparkly glass shards that knocked Red down and threw Kos clean off the platform, right over the railing. I dashed back around the machine again, catching that orb throwing Hobgoblin by surprise. I slammed one of my razors into his foot, pinning the bugger to the ground. Thought that might distract him from throwing crap around. Rei then shot him in the shoulder pushing him right off balance making him fall over, so I yanked out the razor and slashed at him some just as the lightning slinging Hobgoblin turned up next to us out of the smoke. I’d already seen more than enough of my blood so I legged it back around the machine to hide from her, but Red came charging past so I had to turn and follow him, help him deal with them two. Red quickly killed the lightning one while I sliced at the orb thrower. Grabbed him to slit his throat, but that damn brute of a Bugbear stepped up behind me and knocked me about some more, swinging and spinning a huge flail like crazy-blurry fast. I hobbled back behind Red to keep out of the way, but the orb chucker kept throwing his exploding glass balls knocking Rei on her ass. Brok didn’t seem to care about being cut by flying glass, he was too busy wrestling with his own brute. Rei though, jumped back up, dusted herself off and shot the orb Hobgob right in the neck sending him tumbling backwards down a rubbish pit. He’d had a wand, but that went flying into the air. I saw Kos try and catch the thing but he missed. Think he must have picked it up though. Red did that nice warm laying of hands touchy thing he does as I hobbled around him past the pit to avoid the bugger with the flail. Feeling a touch better I got around the pit to see that brute dead at Kos’s feet. Brok had to chase his brute through the door we came through and we all followed in time to hear the brute tell about the Elf what hired him and his, but Red killed him before we could officially take him prisoner.

It was then that I deactivated the bomb I’d rigged to the door earlier, and tried to convince Brok of the merits of having nice soft mattresses, and after the trouble I went through to go get them I don’t even know if we’re going to get round to using them! Rei’s Elf mate explained that the factory was sucking power from some other eldritch source, and he’d hired the Hobgoblins off of Tavya. He took us off to the factory library nearby, where he said the Hobgoblins kept him locked up when they betrayed him, on Tavya’s orders I guess? Brok had me check the door, which was a sturdy spinny-handdlewheeled one that had been braced from the outside. Looked like he could have been locked in, but I couldn’t see no sign that anyone had broken out. Elf seems to think the Hobgoblins are working for Tavya all secretly, and she wants the factory kept running. Mishva and the Silver Flame folk both want the place destroyed, we thought so that each other don’t get the chance to use it against them, but the Elf showed us this text book in the library. All technical nonsense, and diagrams, but he pointed out a none too cheery passage about demon-flies, not unlike what we’ve been having troubles with, and the crown pieces we’ve been collecting, being keys to lock a gate into the Khyber. Bunch of kobolds made themselves some ‘Insect Eaters’, way back when they unleashed some nasty fly-demons, and this factory is drawing its power from these insect eaters’ pods. Need to pick one or the other to keep running. And to make it all worse, apparently there’s a sentient wargorged in the forge room just wanting to make lots of little metal dragons in peace. Turning off the factory will piss if off no end, but allow the insect eater pods to grow us some insect eaters. The Elf has already shut down most of the power now by the looks of it, but this book of his says even the insect eaters weren’t enough to save the kobolds. There was a whole damn war before these crown pieces were used to lock the demons away. Where’re we going to get a couple of armies from in Q’Barra!?


Somewhat Damaged
"Thinking to walk the deep tunnels alone and unseen," the kobold sneered. "Khyber whispers and warns, and so you are found. Dead now, by his hand."
If a warforged factory is deactivated, and no Hobgoblins are around to hear it. Does it still make a noise?
Dear Nimbleweed and Ellykins Gulnackle,

Well this place isn’t going to win any ‘work place of the year’ awards, I tell you that much! Doubt they’ve heard of health and safety round here. It’d make you guys cringe to see this place after how clean we used to keep the shop back in Passage! Oh well, we’ll soon have it shut down so no need to worry I guess.

We trotted into this factory, passed a few Hobgoblins before coming across some big old eldritch machine thing. We figured it was powering the warforge factory so Red sets off one of his little clockwork bombs next to it. Was about then that we was set upon by a bunch of primitive wargorged looking constructs. Well we made short work of them, but when Big Red’s bomb went off the power came on in the machine. Big old bright light flashes and throws Red and Brok about and pulls the damn constructs back together. Red tells me to turn the machine off then. His damn fault, but I got to tidy up? How fair is that? I didn’t hang around though, pulled some levers, and ripped out some wires. Don’t think it liked that much cause there was a blast that threw me from the machine giving me a right headache! Took me a little while, but I managed to deactivate the thing, but it then started shaking, almost like someone had given it a right old whack from the other side. Kos said it was only turned off, not really proper deactivated. He also kind of pointed out that it wasn’t even the main reactor thing for the factory! Good news for Brok and Red though cause Kos reckoned the best way to shut it off was to smash it to bits. So them two set about turning it into rubble. Brok also took the shiny power crystal that fell off the top of the thing, and Red snatched up a nifty looking shoulder mounted crossbow off of one of the constructs.

We was just figuring out our next move when some blondie Eladrin chick with a smart looking bow appears out of nowhere, name of Rei or some such. She told us she’d been held prisoner here by all the Hobgobs and constructed folk. Since then she said she’d been looking for an elf mate of hers, but later she admitted that, that elf mate had hired the damn Hobgoblins for Mishva to destroy this here factory. Seems everyone wants this place out of commission, so we’re having second thoughts about what we’re doing here our own selves. Rei agreed to point us to the main power core of the factory though so she’ll do. I, of course, bravely snuck ahead with the others following along. Had to call them over to check out a sturdy set of double doors. Snuck a peek through to see a bunch of Hobos fast asleep inside. Brok, with all that war-man training of his, gave us a good old tactics talk up. Sounded like a good plan to me, with us all charging up the gangplank around the edge of the room and shooting the crap out of the sods from above before they get up to us. Me and Brok burst in first – straight up the stairs. Brok jumps clean over a bed and skewers the Hobgoblin sleeping in it, as I rush up and slit the bugger’s throat before he screams out, but there was already a couple awake further in the room, so they’d seen us barge in. The big old bruiser further along the raised walkway charged right at Brok just as Kos caught up behind me, but he was followed by an ugly old Hobgoblin not Rei and Red! I heard Rei’s voice though, she was yelling from the doorway at the nasty looking Hobgob fighting Brok. I swear she said something rude and inappropriate about his mom! And he really wasn’t happy about any of that so he hopped down off the platform and went straight for her as Red charged off right into the middle of the room slicing up Hobos here and there. Don’t remember that being anywhere in the plan, but it seemed to be working for Big Red. Brok went and hopped down too to get right up the face of another Hobgoblin. I figured I’d stay up nice and high, lay down some nice cover fire and stuff, while Big Red made his way back to the door to help Rei out. Kos though, he’d been having plenty of fun being pushed into a corner by his new Hobgob mate, so I go and run and jump the corner angle to land behind the Hobgoblin to give it a few slices from the back.

With them all dead and quiet we set about ransacking the room. I remember Marc used to hide stuff under his bed, stuff he didn’t want to share, so I figured other goblins might be just as sneaky. And I only went and found a bit of a trapdoor under one of the beds! Rei piped up then, saying her elf friend and more goblins had gone off down the trapdoor. Opening it up though, there was a right wave of heat and a hell of a stink coming wafting up. Brok is pretty smelly at the best of times so he didn’t seem all that fussed about the smell so he went off down the ladder for a looksee. He came crawling back up to tell us there was a pool of boiling acid with a bit of a gangway stretching over the middle, and two metal dragons on the other side, oh and a poor old giant fella who’d fallen in the acid and was melting away nicely. We all decided to clamber down after Brok to find a cloud of smoke blocking us seeing most of what we could see, but it cleared away soon enough leaving just a few wisps of smoke. There was a pretty obvious toss-you-over-the-side sort of trap in the middle of the bridge, and Brok said someone ought to jump over the trap, get the dragons’ attention and lure them back onto the trap, but he dragged me back by the scruff of the neck at the last minute, pointing at the wisps of smoke with his other hand. Suddenly some weird dead guy appeared on the bridge. Rei tried to tell him we was lost, but he just went off on one telling us to get out of his forge. He’s in charge? Not so sure about that, but he seemed to reckon so. Kos asked him about more of them eldritch machines powering stuff. Don’t think the dead guy wanted to give away trade secrets though, and Red was less than impressed with his answer cause he started getting all squared up for some ass kicking. The dead guy disappeared quick as he turned up, but not before saying something or other to offend Red. Not that that’s a real hard thing to do, but still. Them wispy bits of smoke Brok was so worried about got all solid about then, and the dragon looking things up and flew our way. Me, Red and Rei shot a few of the smoky guys, who exploded in spiky bits of dusty smoke, but Brok set himself up a whole dominoes effect; exploding three smokers for the effort of whacking one. The less than friendly dead guy reappeared and knocked Red on his ass, and one of the dragons blasted Brok over the railing, leaving him hanging over the acid pool! Rei showed her worth like a good un cause she just pointed at Brok and as she does he vanishes, and with a whole stylish flourishy dance, Rei spun around, drummed her hands on her hips, pointed at the dead fella and Brok reappeared and fell over right behind him. Red up and jumped to his feet and shot the dead guy, and Me and Kos dealt with the other dragon on ourselves, while the other three sorted out the dead guy and the first dragon.

Worked up a right sweat over the boiling acid so we moved on sharpish once we’d taught them a lesson. Opened some big important looking double doors that opened onto a raised platform over a huge factory area below with factory workers working away down there, getting on with whatever they was getting on with. Closed that door quiet like, hopefully not one of them spotted us. There was a smaller door to the left though so we strolled on in there to find this massive old reactor machine thing. Definitely the thing we was looking for to deactivate. I tried to climb the thing but I kind of slipped a bit and I’m going to have a right old bruise now! I’m pretty sure Red was going to guard the door, in case someone stumbles in and disturbs us, but he’s looking at the machine like he’s in awe or something. He ain’t guarding nothing. We ought to decided which way the plans going to fall, we can’t keep changing our minds. Do we turn it off? Do we turn it against Mishva? Do we invest a tidy bit of gold in the place and make a fortune? We best decide soon before some nosey Hobgoblin comes in and throws a spanner in the works!

Write you soon.

Stratagem (part 2)


A tiny bird, perhaps a sparrow, twists and turns around gleaming brass towers, buildings of black volcanic glass and the stone-ruins from the Age of Demons of the city of Ka’rhashan.
It flies into a window of one of the brass towers and transforms, as it lands, into a female Half-Orc.

A studious dragonborn siting at a desk in the small room, Dusty tombs lining the many shelves, looks up from the manual in which he is recording various details… “My-my hasn’t it been centuries since one of the Gatekeepers visited.”

“Greetings Trothlorsvek. Yes it has been some time, however, unfortunately is it not with good news and time now is of the essence. Dimensional seals to the Kyber have been broken, two of our number within Q’Barra have fallen to the Depravation that now leaks from the portals. The locks for the seals have been stolen and a servant of an Overlord
has escaped. I cannot imagine a worse time for us. We need your assistance to find the locks and put them back into place…. And to destroy the devil. You have the weapons and implements I believe? "

The dragonborns’ mouth fell open… “Oh… Come… ah, we will speak with Khava Flamebrow. I believe she is preparing to investigate a number of disturbances to the south at the moment… they may … ah… be related”


“Nobles and Lords of Q’barra.
I don’t ask you to risk your own people in the battle that lies ahead. All I ask is that you untie my hands and let me assemble the armies of Reidra on these shores. Allow me to bring all the forces we need to cleanse this land, once and for all of the vermin that inhabit it. Together we will drive the scales into the ocean and give you the security you have always craved.”
- Tsucora Dreamblade, Emissary of Sarlona, Addressing the Lords of Newthrone in response to the massacre of forces en route from Newthrone to aid the siege of Whitecliff.


The Ghostwater Tribune reports…
A talented and popular girl of Madam Tavya’s is declared drunker than a boiled owl as she performed ‘parlour tricks’ to locals of the Dog. She is also reported by some to have sauntered off with sizable takings for an evenings work and promises to return for a encore show in the near future.
Protecting the Peace

Dear Blanco

I am sorry for the length of time between missives, but life has continued apace and I’ve barely had time to put quill to parchment.

It’s all been a bit weird in Ghostwater. We scared off a cloaker that had been planted in the town by the demon bitch, but in doing so we’ve allowed Trejib to come out of hiding. Did he thank us? Did he buggery, he grassed us up straight to that bitch Mishva and her stormborn crew. It seems that there is a schism amongst the dragonborn, and the flamebrow have been trying to keep the Mishva mob in check. I have a feeling we’ve upset the balance, but our concern was for Ghostwater, and not some stupid Dragonborn prophecy.

Brok managed to convince the Silver Flame missionary to get the hell out of town, but even so Tulip, our ranger halfling had to go back and disarm a bomb that was under his cart. It appears that a bunch of hobgoblins took offence to the proselytising of the Silver Flame, and they tried to off their exorcist. Again, we have no love for the Silver Flame or the hobgoblins; our action was to protect the town and to ensure that it wasn’t swarmed under by a bunch of Silver Flame types looking for revenge.

But this isn’t the worst of it. As we went after the hobgoblins (using our handily stolen airship), we found out that they’re creating warforged, to serve them and they’re purpose. Blanco, I won’t stand for it; we’re not tools to serve anyone and if the warforged there won’t listen to reason, then I will have to de-comission them, as much as it hurts me. I’ve not told the others yet, but once we’ve cleared down the area, I’m going to destroy the eldritch machine with one of these nice bombs that Hazzrack gave me. I’ve picked up the glaive he sold to the hobgoblins to take back for him; I’m hoping if I give it back he’ll help equip us further in the fight against anything that disrupts the peace in Ghostwater.

Hoping this missive finds you in good working order.


Don’t evil villains live in hidden fortresses in volcanoes? Oh, this is a FACTORY? And just a mountain? Okay, carry on...
Dear Nimbleweed and Ellykins Gulnackle,

Again with the flying off into the middle of the jungle! We’re headed for a mountain that apparently has got some abandoned warforged factory hidden inside, not the most sensible place to start a business if you ask me, but oh well. Turns out old Dwarfy Thorgrim is a natural pilot. He can control the elemental pretty well, although I don’t see why they wouldn’t let me have a go! Looks pretty easy really. It’s kind of a bumpy ride, but we’re actually getting some flying done. We’re following a map Brok got off that Sol fella from the Silver Flame that leads right to the factory, and Red’s internal Gyroscope. He found out a bunch of Hobgoblins had been blowing up mountainsides looking for this warforged factory for Mishva and he don’t seem all that happy about the whole thing!

We left Ghostwater behind us again, hopefully the place’ll be nice and safe while we’re off, but that dirty lizard Trejib went and called Mishva, telling her that we was in Ghostwater, so we had to leave sharpish, but Brok had us leave separately in different directions to throw off anyone trying to follow us. He’s pretty smart when it comes to them sort of things is old Brok. While we were back in Ghostwater though we got plenty done. We’d left Tulip and Thorgrim to keep an eye on our airship, but she came bursting into town all out of breath saying the ship had been attacked by a bunch of Hobgoblins. As we was figuring out just how to deal with all that, one of Tavya’s whores sidled up to us in the street saying Tav wants a word with me. Brok reminded me she might be of a mind to sell me out and cash in on the bounty, especially after the kerfuffle that went down last time. He agreed to come with me while Tulip went with Red for a paint touch-up. On the way though they all stopped at the mining store cause we overheard someone mention Hobgoblins or something. Nothing to do with us so I carried on to stake out Tavya’s place to make sure there was no bounty hunter type folk lying in wait. I snuck around the back of the building and looked in a window or two. Tell you what! Some of them girls can do stuff’ll make your eyes water! Anyway, Tav spotted me looking through her office window. She told me to come in, but wouldn’t let me climb through the window so I had to go back round through the front door past the new bouncer. I’ve seen him about the place, big black fella, Tohene or something. As I walked towards the door Brok caught up so we walked in together. Apparently Hobgoblins had been buying and selling stuff at that mining store, explosive stuff in particular. Turned out Tavya just wanted my services for her staff again so I told Brok I’d be fine if he wanted to go do his own thing cause I’d be busy for a while, so he went off to see that Silver Flame fella, Sol. I earned me a nice five gold pieces and her girls are all well-groomed again now.

We all met back at the Dog in a private room later on. We had a good old chat about who was worse Mishva and her lot, or the Silver Flame. Brok chucked his hammer against the wall after telling me to shoot it. Think he’s a little paranoid someone’ll be listening. Don’t know who he thought was there but that kind of upset the barmaid. Turns out, Brok said, our airship was supposed to pick up Sol, but seeing as it never did he’s leaving by wagon tomorrow. Brok showed us the maps Sol had given him and told us all about that factory place, and Red piped in with tales of Hobgoblins searching the place out. Wasn’t till we left the Dog that, that Flamebrow Dragonborn lieutenant told us what that sneaky sod Trejib had done! I pointed out that Tavya has a Lythander dragonmark and if anyone ought to be able to she could help us fly the airship properly, but the others disagreed, guess we didn’t have the time. Me and Red took the direct route out of town but we was waylaid by that damn scarecrow. It said Sol was in danger. That we should check out the wagon that comes to pick him up in the morning. I didn’t want to know, not like it was my problem or anything. Strawhead asked if I wanted to do the right thing! When have you ever known me to do the right thing!? I would have walked off without another thought, but the bugger did point out that if Sol died in Ghostwater the Silver Flame would destroy the town in revenge. Now I couldn’t be having that. Ghostwaters a nice place. I tried to convince Red to come back with me to post an anonymous warning under Sol’s door, but he made me stick to the plan and meet up with the others at camp in the jungle. As soon as we got there I explained what I’d heard. May have suggested I heard it from one of the whores and not a possessed scarecrow, but that’s just details really. Anyway, we sent Tulip back to town to check out this wagon cause she could travel quickest as some sort of little animal. She said there was a bomb on the wagon, and a Hobgoblin driving it! But she said it was all fine now cause she saved Mr Silver Flame from getting on and getting himself all blown up, so hopefully he’ll be a bit more careful now. At least until he’s well outside of Ghostwater, then I guess he can die where he likes.

Anyway, we’ve just arrived at the mountain, doesn’t look like a warforged factory from here. As soon as Thorgrim convinces the elemental to hold still long enough we’ll get off and see what we see I guess. What are the chances we find a load of crazy malfunctioning warforged just waiting to rip us to shreds!? At least we’ve got Big Red. He should be able to talk them out of it right?


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...
Dear Saul Lightman,

I tell you what, of all them top-class swanky taverns on Lakeside Boardwalk back in Passage we used to go to, I’ve not never felt better than sitting here in the Dog with my feet up. You’d love this place too. It’s a right dirty dive! And there’s nothing like a bit of people watching to take your mind off the throbbing blisters on your feet! Take the guy playing Pins in the corner. He don’t know that I’ve trimmed the feathers on his throwing pins. Just look at him. He can’t understand why they keep drifting to the left when he throws them. Ha! That’ll teach him to cheat against me. He took seven gold piece off me! He must have been cheating! And Brok, over at the bar looking all irritable and moody. No wonder everyone’s giving him plenty of space, apart from Nafez of course. And Kosmar! You could almost miss him in here. Maybe that’s the idea though, sat alone in that dark corner with a glass of water, well a glass of something that I guess passes for water round here. Big Red seems to be pacing the floor, don’t know what’s up with him but he’s found himself a cute little follower. There’s like a tiny rust-bucket of a warforged following him round. From the clicking, ticking, and metal-screeching noises I’d say the little thing was quite excited. Red: less so. I’m surprise he hasn’t stamped on the thing.

Oh, guess what. We’ve only gone and got a hold of our very own airship. Actually, does your work involve you still having dealings with House Lyrander? Maybe you could hook us up with the right paper work what says we own it proper? Also, talking of things you could do for me, I don’t think I paid my tab at the Pickled Barnacle before I left Passage. Would you mind? Thanks. Anyway, our airship. We had to outrun a dragon and some weird fly-lizard mutants, oh and I think there were a couple of flying monkeys too. I was too busy concentrating on keeping the ballast tanks erm, ballasted. Took me a while to figure out but I got the best of them taps and knobs, and kept us in the air. Brok was messing about with tying off lots of rope. I don’t know why. He did seem to be doing a good job whatever it was. Kos and Red just buggered off though! Lazy sods. Don’t know what they thought they were doing. Oh but someone did do a good job of patching up the big hole in the hull below decks. We had to leave the ship way outside Ghostwater in the jungle. The pilot wasn’t sure if there’d even be anywhere to anchor the ship in town and Brok said he didn’t want anyone knowing we had the thing at all, so we had to walk the rest of the way into town, but we did promise the pilot a few drinks for a job well done. Although I can’t see him now. Where the hell has he got to? I’m sure he’ll turn up soon.

I’ll tell you something else about this place, Ghostwater’s booming now. They must have struck big on the old Dragonshards. Too many people around now, and there’s always a few weird ones. We spotted one such nasty fella last night. He was so scrawny and disgusting he genuinely looked like a rotting corpse dragging a big sack full of body bits! Of course I wasn’t deterred, and showing no fear, I followed it with Brok and Kosmar trailing me. A small heavy box dropped out of the sack as the creature ran so I stopped to have a nose while Brok and Kos kept up the chase. I was just examining the swish looking straight razor that was in the box when Red catches up. Now I don’t reckon it’s made of silver but the blade looks crisp and shiny enough to be, but Red went all holy avenger on me snatching the razor off me declaring it to be some holy smiting weapon of ultimate sacred cleansing destruction… It looked like a toothpick with Red holding it. I think he realised how silly he looked too cause he soon handed it back without a word. Although when he did it magically fell into two razors in my hands. Very cool. If you push them together they melt into one and if you grip it just right and twist. Ta-daa! It becomes two! How cool is that!

Anyway, Brok pointed out the door where the creepy looking thing handed over his sack of toys to. The door was locked, but I made sure it wasn’t for long. I met a very nice fella in Korth up in Karrnath. He was part of a quaint little club run by some woman calling herself the Midwife, although I doubt very much she had any sort of medical training. He showed me a trick or two to make sure a locked door doesn’t mean you’re cornered so I put some of them to use and opened the door for Brok. He wasn’t as impressed as I was hoping. Turns out he didn’t want to just barge in blind, and it was very dark looking inside so I just closed it and locked it again. It was then that I spotted a scarecrow that I’d seen before. Now I know scarecrows are only there to scare, well, crows I guess, and they only look like they’re people but this one was alive I tell you. No one else believes me, but it talked at me and stuff. It told me we needed to find something that eats flies to deal with the whole fly monster thing. I’ve no idea where we’re supposed to find an aardvark in Ghostwater. We used to have a pig called Martha. Maybe Neegla can get us one? Anyway, when I turned back to tell the others about the insightful scarecrow they’d all buggered off. Hence us all now back in the Dog. Actually, maybe I need to tell them about the eating the flies idea. I might leave out the bit about getting the idea from a scarecrow this time though.

Something’s going on. Brok’s rounding up the others. He says we need to figure out what’s going on in that creepy building one way or the other. Something about speaking to the law in town, that Trejib knows more than meets the eye? Get him to tell us what he knows? Show what we’ve found out? You know it’s hard to listen and write at the same time. Now Brok’s telling me to put the quill dow—~


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