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Tohene, level 1
Human, Fighter
Fighter Talents: Battlerager Vigor

Str 20, Con 13, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 9.

Str 18, Con 13, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 9.

AC: 11 Fort: 18 Reflex: 12 Will: 11
HP: 28 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 7

Streetwise +4, Athletics +10, Heal +5, Endurance +6

Acrobatics +1, Arcana, Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Dungeoneering, History, Insight, Intimidate -1, Nature, Perception, Religion, Stealth +1, Thievery +1

Human: Shield Push
Level 1: Improved Bull Rush

Bonus At-Will Power: Cleave
Fighter at-will 1: Sure Strike
Fighter at-will 1: Footwork Lure
Fighter encounter 1: Shield Bash
Fighter daily 1: Comeback Strike

Adventurer’s Kit, Heavy Shield, Flail, Potion of Healing (heroic tier) (2), Potion of Resistance (heroic tier)
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Tohene has only dim memories of his childhood in Argonnessen. When he was a boy, he stowed away on a a Zilar trading vessel, not realizing just how far away it would take him. He never made it home, nor in fact to Zilargo. Upon reaching Khorvaire, his inadvertent caretakers were beset by hobgoblin raiders. He was captured as a slave and worked until he lost all sense of time and place.

When he was 16, Tohene was sent to a gladiatorial arena. He was intended as fodder for an experienced gladiator, but he survived and won the crowd’s favor. Over the course of two years, he kept surviving. He mastered the Darguun spiked chain and he began to enjoy combat for its own sake. Too many times, though, he refused to kill a beaten opponent. He held onto what few ethics he remembered from his childhood, greatly annoying his masters. They arranged for him to fight an unbeatable enemy, a minotaur twice his size, without the aid of weapons or armor.

The battle did not last long. As the minotaur prepared to end Tohene’s life, a member of the audience leapt into the arena. In an instant, she assumed the form of a silver dragon and efficiently dispatched Tohene’s opponent before a horrified but cheering crowd. She flew Tohene to safety, depositing him outside a the small town of Pitchwall in southeast Q’Barra without explanation.

Tohene saw this experience as nothing less than a miracle. As he struggled to start a life outside captivity, he pledged silent allegiance to the dragon who saved him. His purpose in life is to emulate her, to find her, and to serve her. A long road lies ahead, and he may never learn that she was the one repaying a debt, to an ancestor as famously heroic as he will someday become. Tohene currently works escorting trading caravans through the Endworld mountains and stays at Grand Central Hotel when in Ghostwater.


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