“level 2 minotaur monk alignment good ‘Silenced beast’ male
7’4” 745lbs eyes red looks-like a bull?
st 16 3]
con 14 [
dex 14 2]
int 12 [
wis 16 [+2]
ch 8 [-1]
hp 33 AC 18 fort 15 ref 15 will 16 init 3 speed 6
healing surges 10 value 8 passive ins and perception 13
stone fist path-mental bastion, unarmoured agility
ki focus on quarterstaff +1 att/dam [included in weaon stats]
ferocity [makes mellee attack when reduced to 0 or lower hp as
immediate interupt
vitality-1 extra healing surge [included in stats]
heedless charge
goring charge

weapon-quarterstaff, attack bonus 5 1d84 damage wielded all
times unless sling is used-attack bonus 5 dam 1d63
feats-unarmoured agility +2 AC [incuded in stats] hafted
defence +1 ref/AC [included in stats]
acro 8 [trained] arcana 2 ath 9 [trained] bluff 0 dip 0 dung 4
end 3 heal 9 [trained] his 2 ins 4 nat 6 percep 11 [trained]
stealth 3 street 0 thievery 3
languages common, kobold

five storms
dancing cobra
open the gates of battle
whirling mantis step
careful stride


Pronounced ‘Torus’… This Minotaur drifts in and out of Ghostwater from time to time. He seemed to be keenly interested in the Disease that the Kobold and Dragonborn were found with. One evening at the dog he swiftly beat Del in a arm wrestle which he later claimed was simply ‘technique’ and then broke up a dispute between Kosmar and some hard drinking locals.



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