No Pre built history for this one. Note there is a Kenku Flock in Ghostwater. Why this character stands out from the flock is up to the player

Some Kenku Background

Magic is an essential part of life the Kenku, both culturally and physically. Magic literally courses through their bodies, extending their lives far beyond human expectancy. Many Kenku learn to harness this force and channel it outward.

Kenku are an elusive race of philosopher-warriors. Little is known about them directly, and what is known is a jumble of fact and fiction. Second and third-hand tales depict them as a playful and mischevious. They enjoy puzzles and word-play, with riddles being a special favorite. Kenku often play tricks on travellers through their territory, but rarely does this lead to conflict. Most often, when the Kenku decieve someone it is to teach them a valuable lesson or deliver important information. Contrary to popular depiction, they do not “play tricks to play tricks.”

Amongst themselves, the Kenku have a loose heirarchy based on experience and wisdom. The oldest Kenku have been around for many hundreds of years, and in that time have amassed quite a store of knowledge. Kenku are very reverent and respectful of these elders and treat them with great deference, but they are not servile. The elders, in turn, realize that though their guidance may be appreciated, they should not expect obedience in all things. An elder’s word carries extra weight, but ultimately it is up to the individual to decide the best course of action.


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