Stratagem (part 2)


A tiny bird, perhaps a sparrow, twists and turns around gleaming brass towers, buildings of black volcanic glass and the stone-ruins from the Age of Demons of the city of Ka’rhashan.
It flies into a window of one of the brass towers and transforms, as it lands, into a female Half-Orc.

A studious dragonborn siting at a desk in the small room, Dusty tombs lining the many shelves, looks up from the manual in which he is recording various details… “My-my hasn’t it been centuries since one of the Gatekeepers visited.”

“Greetings Trothlorsvek. Yes it has been some time, however, unfortunately is it not with good news and time now is of the essence. Dimensional seals to the Kyber have been broken, two of our number within Q’Barra have fallen to the Depravation that now leaks from the portals. The locks for the seals have been stolen and a servant of an Overlord
has escaped. I cannot imagine a worse time for us. We need your assistance to find the locks and put them back into place…. And to destroy the devil. You have the weapons and implements I believe? "

The dragonborns’ mouth fell open… “Oh… Come… ah, we will speak with Khava Flamebrow. I believe she is preparing to investigate a number of disturbances to the south at the moment… they may … ah… be related”


“Nobles and Lords of Q’barra.
I don’t ask you to risk your own people in the battle that lies ahead. All I ask is that you untie my hands and let me assemble the armies of Reidra on these shores. Allow me to bring all the forces we need to cleanse this land, once and for all of the vermin that inhabit it. Together we will drive the scales into the ocean and give you the security you have always craved.”
- Tsucora Dreamblade, Emissary of Sarlona, Addressing the Lords of Newthrone in response to the massacre of forces en route from Newthrone to aid the siege of Whitecliff.


The Ghostwater Tribune reports…
A talented and popular girl of Madam Tavya’s is declared drunker than a boiled owl as she performed ‘parlour tricks’ to locals of the Dog. She is also reported by some to have sauntered off with sizable takings for an evenings work and promises to return for a encore show in the near future.


Right, so there’s two places we won’t be visiting for our Summer Holiday! And remind me again: Why the hell do we EVER leave the Dog!?

Stratagem (part 2)

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