Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...

Dear Saul Lightman,

I tell you what, of all them top-class swanky taverns on Lakeside Boardwalk back in Passage we used to go to, I’ve not never felt better than sitting here in the Dog with my feet up. You’d love this place too. It’s a right dirty dive! And there’s nothing like a bit of people watching to take your mind off the throbbing blisters on your feet! Take the guy playing Pins in the corner. He don’t know that I’ve trimmed the feathers on his throwing pins. Just look at him. He can’t understand why they keep drifting to the left when he throws them. Ha! That’ll teach him to cheat against me. He took seven gold piece off me! He must have been cheating! And Brok, over at the bar looking all irritable and moody. No wonder everyone’s giving him plenty of space, apart from Nafez of course. And Kosmar! You could almost miss him in here. Maybe that’s the idea though, sat alone in that dark corner with a glass of water, well a glass of something that I guess passes for water round here. Big Red seems to be pacing the floor, don’t know what’s up with him but he’s found himself a cute little follower. There’s like a tiny rust-bucket of a warforged following him round. From the clicking, ticking, and metal-screeching noises I’d say the little thing was quite excited. Red: less so. I’m surprise he hasn’t stamped on the thing.

Oh, guess what. We’ve only gone and got a hold of our very own airship. Actually, does your work involve you still having dealings with House Lyrander? Maybe you could hook us up with the right paper work what says we own it proper? Also, talking of things you could do for me, I don’t think I paid my tab at the Pickled Barnacle before I left Passage. Would you mind? Thanks. Anyway, our airship. We had to outrun a dragon and some weird fly-lizard mutants, oh and I think there were a couple of flying monkeys too. I was too busy concentrating on keeping the ballast tanks erm, ballasted. Took me a while to figure out but I got the best of them taps and knobs, and kept us in the air. Brok was messing about with tying off lots of rope. I don’t know why. He did seem to be doing a good job whatever it was. Kos and Red just buggered off though! Lazy sods. Don’t know what they thought they were doing. Oh but someone did do a good job of patching up the big hole in the hull below decks. We had to leave the ship way outside Ghostwater in the jungle. The pilot wasn’t sure if there’d even be anywhere to anchor the ship in town and Brok said he didn’t want anyone knowing we had the thing at all, so we had to walk the rest of the way into town, but we did promise the pilot a few drinks for a job well done. Although I can’t see him now. Where the hell has he got to? I’m sure he’ll turn up soon.

I’ll tell you something else about this place, Ghostwater’s booming now. They must have struck big on the old Dragonshards. Too many people around now, and there’s always a few weird ones. We spotted one such nasty fella last night. He was so scrawny and disgusting he genuinely looked like a rotting corpse dragging a big sack full of body bits! Of course I wasn’t deterred, and showing no fear, I followed it with Brok and Kosmar trailing me. A small heavy box dropped out of the sack as the creature ran so I stopped to have a nose while Brok and Kos kept up the chase. I was just examining the swish looking straight razor that was in the box when Red catches up. Now I don’t reckon it’s made of silver but the blade looks crisp and shiny enough to be, but Red went all holy avenger on me snatching the razor off me declaring it to be some holy smiting weapon of ultimate sacred cleansing destruction… It looked like a toothpick with Red holding it. I think he realised how silly he looked too cause he soon handed it back without a word. Although when he did it magically fell into two razors in my hands. Very cool. If you push them together they melt into one and if you grip it just right and twist. Ta-daa! It becomes two! How cool is that!

Anyway, Brok pointed out the door where the creepy looking thing handed over his sack of toys to. The door was locked, but I made sure it wasn’t for long. I met a very nice fella in Korth up in Karrnath. He was part of a quaint little club run by some woman calling herself the Midwife, although I doubt very much she had any sort of medical training. He showed me a trick or two to make sure a locked door doesn’t mean you’re cornered so I put some of them to use and opened the door for Brok. He wasn’t as impressed as I was hoping. Turns out he didn’t want to just barge in blind, and it was very dark looking inside so I just closed it and locked it again. It was then that I spotted a scarecrow that I’d seen before. Now I know scarecrows are only there to scare, well, crows I guess, and they only look like they’re people but this one was alive I tell you. No one else believes me, but it talked at me and stuff. It told me we needed to find something that eats flies to deal with the whole fly monster thing. I’ve no idea where we’re supposed to find an aardvark in Ghostwater. We used to have a pig called Martha. Maybe Neegla can get us one? Anyway, when I turned back to tell the others about the insightful scarecrow they’d all buggered off. Hence us all now back in the Dog. Actually, maybe I need to tell them about the eating the flies idea. I might leave out the bit about getting the idea from a scarecrow this time though.

Something’s going on. Brok’s rounding up the others. He says we need to figure out what’s going on in that creepy building one way or the other. Something about speaking to the law in town, that Trejib knows more than meets the eye? Get him to tell us what he knows? Show what we’ve found out? You know it’s hard to listen and write at the same time. Now Brok’s telling me to put the quill dow—~



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