If a warforged factory is deactivated, and no Hobgoblins are around to hear it. Does it still make a noise?

Dear Nimbleweed and Ellykins Gulnackle,

Well this place isn’t going to win any ‘work place of the year’ awards, I tell you that much! Doubt they’ve heard of health and safety round here. It’d make you guys cringe to see this place after how clean we used to keep the shop back in Passage! Oh well, we’ll soon have it shut down so no need to worry I guess.

We trotted into this factory, passed a few Hobgoblins before coming across some big old eldritch machine thing. We figured it was powering the warforge factory so Red sets off one of his little clockwork bombs next to it. Was about then that we was set upon by a bunch of primitive wargorged looking constructs. Well we made short work of them, but when Big Red’s bomb went off the power came on in the machine. Big old bright light flashes and throws Red and Brok about and pulls the damn constructs back together. Red tells me to turn the machine off then. His damn fault, but I got to tidy up? How fair is that? I didn’t hang around though, pulled some levers, and ripped out some wires. Don’t think it liked that much cause there was a blast that threw me from the machine giving me a right headache! Took me a little while, but I managed to deactivate the thing, but it then started shaking, almost like someone had given it a right old whack from the other side. Kos said it was only turned off, not really proper deactivated. He also kind of pointed out that it wasn’t even the main reactor thing for the factory! Good news for Brok and Red though cause Kos reckoned the best way to shut it off was to smash it to bits. So them two set about turning it into rubble. Brok also took the shiny power crystal that fell off the top of the thing, and Red snatched up a nifty looking shoulder mounted crossbow off of one of the constructs.

We was just figuring out our next move when some blondie Eladrin chick with a smart looking bow appears out of nowhere, name of Rei or some such. She told us she’d been held prisoner here by all the Hobgobs and constructed folk. Since then she said she’d been looking for an elf mate of hers, but later she admitted that, that elf mate had hired the damn Hobgoblins for Mishva to destroy this here factory. Seems everyone wants this place out of commission, so we’re having second thoughts about what we’re doing here our own selves. Rei agreed to point us to the main power core of the factory though so she’ll do. I, of course, bravely snuck ahead with the others following along. Had to call them over to check out a sturdy set of double doors. Snuck a peek through to see a bunch of Hobos fast asleep inside. Brok, with all that war-man training of his, gave us a good old tactics talk up. Sounded like a good plan to me, with us all charging up the gangplank around the edge of the room and shooting the crap out of the sods from above before they get up to us. Me and Brok burst in first – straight up the stairs. Brok jumps clean over a bed and skewers the Hobgoblin sleeping in it, as I rush up and slit the bugger’s throat before he screams out, but there was already a couple awake further in the room, so they’d seen us barge in. The big old bruiser further along the raised walkway charged right at Brok just as Kos caught up behind me, but he was followed by an ugly old Hobgoblin not Rei and Red! I heard Rei’s voice though, she was yelling from the doorway at the nasty looking Hobgob fighting Brok. I swear she said something rude and inappropriate about his mom! And he really wasn’t happy about any of that so he hopped down off the platform and went straight for her as Red charged off right into the middle of the room slicing up Hobos here and there. Don’t remember that being anywhere in the plan, but it seemed to be working for Big Red. Brok went and hopped down too to get right up the face of another Hobgoblin. I figured I’d stay up nice and high, lay down some nice cover fire and stuff, while Big Red made his way back to the door to help Rei out. Kos though, he’d been having plenty of fun being pushed into a corner by his new Hobgob mate, so I go and run and jump the corner angle to land behind the Hobgoblin to give it a few slices from the back.

With them all dead and quiet we set about ransacking the room. I remember Marc used to hide stuff under his bed, stuff he didn’t want to share, so I figured other goblins might be just as sneaky. And I only went and found a bit of a trapdoor under one of the beds! Rei piped up then, saying her elf friend and more goblins had gone off down the trapdoor. Opening it up though, there was a right wave of heat and a hell of a stink coming wafting up. Brok is pretty smelly at the best of times so he didn’t seem all that fussed about the smell so he went off down the ladder for a looksee. He came crawling back up to tell us there was a pool of boiling acid with a bit of a gangway stretching over the middle, and two metal dragons on the other side, oh and a poor old giant fella who’d fallen in the acid and was melting away nicely. We all decided to clamber down after Brok to find a cloud of smoke blocking us seeing most of what we could see, but it cleared away soon enough leaving just a few wisps of smoke. There was a pretty obvious toss-you-over-the-side sort of trap in the middle of the bridge, and Brok said someone ought to jump over the trap, get the dragons’ attention and lure them back onto the trap, but he dragged me back by the scruff of the neck at the last minute, pointing at the wisps of smoke with his other hand. Suddenly some weird dead guy appeared on the bridge. Rei tried to tell him we was lost, but he just went off on one telling us to get out of his forge. He’s in charge? Not so sure about that, but he seemed to reckon so. Kos asked him about more of them eldritch machines powering stuff. Don’t think the dead guy wanted to give away trade secrets though, and Red was less than impressed with his answer cause he started getting all squared up for some ass kicking. The dead guy disappeared quick as he turned up, but not before saying something or other to offend Red. Not that that’s a real hard thing to do, but still. Them wispy bits of smoke Brok was so worried about got all solid about then, and the dragon looking things up and flew our way. Me, Red and Rei shot a few of the smoky guys, who exploded in spiky bits of dusty smoke, but Brok set himself up a whole dominoes effect; exploding three smokers for the effort of whacking one. The less than friendly dead guy reappeared and knocked Red on his ass, and one of the dragons blasted Brok over the railing, leaving him hanging over the acid pool! Rei showed her worth like a good un cause she just pointed at Brok and as she does he vanishes, and with a whole stylish flourishy dance, Rei spun around, drummed her hands on her hips, pointed at the dead fella and Brok reappeared and fell over right behind him. Red up and jumped to his feet and shot the dead guy, and Me and Kos dealt with the other dragon on ourselves, while the other three sorted out the dead guy and the first dragon.

Worked up a right sweat over the boiling acid so we moved on sharpish once we’d taught them a lesson. Opened some big important looking double doors that opened onto a raised platform over a huge factory area below with factory workers working away down there, getting on with whatever they was getting on with. Closed that door quiet like, hopefully not one of them spotted us. There was a smaller door to the left though so we strolled on in there to find this massive old reactor machine thing. Definitely the thing we was looking for to deactivate. I tried to climb the thing but I kind of slipped a bit and I’m going to have a right old bruise now! I’m pretty sure Red was going to guard the door, in case someone stumbles in and disturbs us, but he’s looking at the machine like he’s in awe or something. He ain’t guarding nothing. We ought to decided which way the plans going to fall, we can’t keep changing our minds. Do we turn it off? Do we turn it against Mishva? Do we invest a tidy bit of gold in the place and make a fortune? We best decide soon before some nosey Hobgoblin comes in and throws a spanner in the works!

Write you soon.



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