Hey Pig: Part 2

Dear Ma and Pa.

Don’t really know why I’m writing this letter, it’s not like I’m ever likely to send it, but it’s the middle of the night and I’m sat here in the back of beyond unable to sleep cause there’s damn flies everywhere, and that bloody Blademark decided it’d be a good idea to set up a security alarm so when that giant spider wandered past – anyway the point is I’m awake.

On the off chance this letter does get sent, I guess I shouldn’t mention where I am, sorry. I’m fine and well though. Or at least I was until a crazy psychic lady roped me into a thing. Now I’m stuck in the jungle with this lot for company! And did I mention the flies? Delphi was her name, and apparently a whole load of Dragonshards have up and disappeared. She reckons Kobolds have run off with the caravan carrying them, and she expects us lot to bring them back! It’s funny though, she was very convincing at the time. Oh she also said not to mention this to anyone, so don’t tell no one okay?

It’s been a bit of a day actually. That Delphi woman probing my thoughts was just the start of it. The dwarf only went and got hold of a Kobold tracking pig called Martha, as well as a big tub of oil or something. Between the dwarf, the pig and the oil any Kobolds’ll smell us coming a mile off! Anyway, we had to test out the tracking skills of this pig before leaving didn’t we, so with big Red – he’s one of them Warforged – walking Martha up and down the high street, she gets all interested in Neegla’s store, and of course the lazy sod don’t open till late, we had to find our own way inside – I reckon the new skylight is just what the dingy place needed. Turns out it was a waste of time getting the pig inside anyway, she just sniffed at the floor and there were no kobolds that I saw. Maybe we’ll take the pig back later, if she survives this trip. Ziggys been acting kind of weird around her and he’s been stirring that oil. Not like she’s even our pig. We ‘borrowed’ her off a fella called Breadloaf. I doubt the drunken halfling’ll notice if she don’t come back though.

Tomorrow we’re off in search of these Kobolds. See if they took them Dragonshards. Sooner we find them the sooner we can get back I guess.

Love Kal. X X X



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