Don’t evil villains live in hidden fortresses in volcanoes? Oh, this is a FACTORY? And just a mountain? Okay, carry on...

Dear Nimbleweed and Ellykins Gulnackle,

Again with the flying off into the middle of the jungle! We’re headed for a mountain that apparently has got some abandoned warforged factory hidden inside, not the most sensible place to start a business if you ask me, but oh well. Turns out old Dwarfy Thorgrim is a natural pilot. He can control the elemental pretty well, although I don’t see why they wouldn’t let me have a go! Looks pretty easy really. It’s kind of a bumpy ride, but we’re actually getting some flying done. We’re following a map Brok got off that Sol fella from the Silver Flame that leads right to the factory, and Red’s internal Gyroscope. He found out a bunch of Hobgoblins had been blowing up mountainsides looking for this warforged factory for Mishva and he don’t seem all that happy about the whole thing!

We left Ghostwater behind us again, hopefully the place’ll be nice and safe while we’re off, but that dirty lizard Trejib went and called Mishva, telling her that we was in Ghostwater, so we had to leave sharpish, but Brok had us leave separately in different directions to throw off anyone trying to follow us. He’s pretty smart when it comes to them sort of things is old Brok. While we were back in Ghostwater though we got plenty done. We’d left Tulip and Thorgrim to keep an eye on our airship, but she came bursting into town all out of breath saying the ship had been attacked by a bunch of Hobgoblins. As we was figuring out just how to deal with all that, one of Tavya’s whores sidled up to us in the street saying Tav wants a word with me. Brok reminded me she might be of a mind to sell me out and cash in on the bounty, especially after the kerfuffle that went down last time. He agreed to come with me while Tulip went with Red for a paint touch-up. On the way though they all stopped at the mining store cause we overheard someone mention Hobgoblins or something. Nothing to do with us so I carried on to stake out Tavya’s place to make sure there was no bounty hunter type folk lying in wait. I snuck around the back of the building and looked in a window or two. Tell you what! Some of them girls can do stuff’ll make your eyes water! Anyway, Tav spotted me looking through her office window. She told me to come in, but wouldn’t let me climb through the window so I had to go back round through the front door past the new bouncer. I’ve seen him about the place, big black fella, Tohene or something. As I walked towards the door Brok caught up so we walked in together. Apparently Hobgoblins had been buying and selling stuff at that mining store, explosive stuff in particular. Turned out Tavya just wanted my services for her staff again so I told Brok I’d be fine if he wanted to go do his own thing cause I’d be busy for a while, so he went off to see that Silver Flame fella, Sol. I earned me a nice five gold pieces and her girls are all well-groomed again now.

We all met back at the Dog in a private room later on. We had a good old chat about who was worse Mishva and her lot, or the Silver Flame. Brok chucked his hammer against the wall after telling me to shoot it. Think he’s a little paranoid someone’ll be listening. Don’t know who he thought was there but that kind of upset the barmaid. Turns out, Brok said, our airship was supposed to pick up Sol, but seeing as it never did he’s leaving by wagon tomorrow. Brok showed us the maps Sol had given him and told us all about that factory place, and Red piped in with tales of Hobgoblins searching the place out. Wasn’t till we left the Dog that, that Flamebrow Dragonborn lieutenant told us what that sneaky sod Trejib had done! I pointed out that Tavya has a Lythander dragonmark and if anyone ought to be able to she could help us fly the airship properly, but the others disagreed, guess we didn’t have the time. Me and Red took the direct route out of town but we was waylaid by that damn scarecrow. It said Sol was in danger. That we should check out the wagon that comes to pick him up in the morning. I didn’t want to know, not like it was my problem or anything. Strawhead asked if I wanted to do the right thing! When have you ever known me to do the right thing!? I would have walked off without another thought, but the bugger did point out that if Sol died in Ghostwater the Silver Flame would destroy the town in revenge. Now I couldn’t be having that. Ghostwaters a nice place. I tried to convince Red to come back with me to post an anonymous warning under Sol’s door, but he made me stick to the plan and meet up with the others at camp in the jungle. As soon as we got there I explained what I’d heard. May have suggested I heard it from one of the whores and not a possessed scarecrow, but that’s just details really. Anyway, we sent Tulip back to town to check out this wagon cause she could travel quickest as some sort of little animal. She said there was a bomb on the wagon, and a Hobgoblin driving it! But she said it was all fine now cause she saved Mr Silver Flame from getting on and getting himself all blown up, so hopefully he’ll be a bit more careful now. At least until he’s well outside of Ghostwater, then I guess he can die where he likes.

Anyway, we’ve just arrived at the mountain, doesn’t look like a warforged factory from here. As soon as Thorgrim convinces the elemental to hold still long enough we’ll get off and see what we see I guess. What are the chances we find a load of crazy malfunctioning warforged just waiting to rip us to shreds!? At least we’ve got Big Red. He should be able to talk them out of it right?




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